We do not sell anything that we do not use and we believe 100% in.


We only have one earth, so we have to take care of it even more. Our products are hyper concentrated, reducing packaging and using sustainable products.


We promote conscious buying. Use all the product and then recycle it in the appropriate container.


We believe in experience, that is why our textures and sensations are thought out in detail.


We strive to offer high-quality products at competitive prices, and we can do that by being manufacturers. We formulate, manufacture, fill and pack our products. The entire process is carried out in Spain, specifically in Alcoy.


We believe that innovation is necessary, that is why we are always creating new formulas to bring you the best products and the latest trends.


Absolute commitment against animal cruelty, Deo2-7 is vegan and has not been tested on animals.


Total transparency is no longer a thing of the future, but of the present. In our products we clearly detail the ingredients and what effect they have on us.

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