DEO2-7 is a brand of LABESP (Spanish Laboratory of Cosmetology Research).

LABESP is formed by a multidisciplinary team of Spanish technicians with a vast experience in the fields of Research & Development & Investigation (R&D&I) and manufacturing of cosmetic products, dermatological studies, quality control, logistics and exports, and development of industrial projects.

The expertise and solid international reputation of our technicians bring to life quality solutions for small and medium local and international companies whose customers treasure and trust the Spanish commitment to product excellence, Made in Spain.


LABESP has won the CEEI IVACE awards for the best business project 2014 and best trajectory in 2015 given by the European Center for Innovative Enterprises (CEEI) and the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE). In 2017 awarded with the Golden Medal by AEDEPI (Spanish Assotiation of Image Professionals). In addition, it has recently been the winner of the Health Beauty & Wellness award for the Best Cosmetic Manufacturing and R&D Specialists -Spain 2020 and Best Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturing Specialist – Spain 2021 awarded by Lux Life Magazine.


Customers from 40 countries use products manufactured by LABESP. Due to the flexibility established in the company, the products cover all segments of cosmetics from beauty salons, dematological clinics, spas, gyms or online sales.

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